Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forget Meds Much? Carry A Spare.

How many times have you forgotten your medication at home? Or forgotten to take it with you before you headed out for dinner or an outing? Or if you take your medication at home, how many times have you gotten home late, past the time you are supposed to take your meds?

For those who have to take their medication when they are not at home, forgetting to pack them seems to be a common problem.

That's why I tell patients to pack a spare. If you're on long term medication. It's best to keep two sets of your Rx in your bag/wallet just in case you happen to forget to pack your medication. This set should only be used 'in case of emergency' and you should still pack a set to use daily.

There are lots of ways to keep spare meds:
 Just remember to use your spare meds before the expiration date! This could be easily avoided by using them before moving on to a new bottle.


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